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Cyclesport is a retail bike shop that has stood the test of time – over 25 years of continuous trading. The business has changed hands four times and currently is owned and operated by Graeme Wilshaw. Graeme and his staff are passionate about helping the community in Thornleigh, Westleigh and Pennant Hills to enjoy cycling. Whether you want to ride with your family, train on tarmac or hit local trails, we can help you find and enjoy the right bike.

Graeme Wilshaw has lived his life on two wheels. He rode BMX, raced as a junior and senior in motocross and was competitive in circuit motorcycle racing in Australia, Europe and Asia for more than twenty years. During this time Graeme worked in the wholesale motorcycle and bicycle industry, eventually becoming the General Manager of well-known automotive dealership. In 2016 Graeme decided to follow his heart and became the owner of Cyclesport.
Pete Vorst has spent the majority of his career in the wholesale motorcycle and bicycle industry. As a bicycle commuter, cruiser and MTB rider, Pete has always been passionate about riding. He’s the newest member of our team and has recently joined the Cyclesport team (just after achieving a degree at Macquarie Uni – congrats Pete!).
Chris Knox started working in bicycle shops when he was 16 years old. He became a successful junior racer, both on track and road, and also raced motorcycles competitively. He’s old enough to have 30 years of experience in bicycle retail, but he still has the legs to get good results in club racing! You’ll find him working hard as the head technician in our service centre.

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